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Hikari Bacto-Surge High Density Foam Filter

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Throughout the years, I have tried a variety of different sponge filters. Some have been porous and some have been very dense. I have noticed through experience that the Bacto-Surge filters trap the most particles in the shortest amount of time, in my experience, if I set up a new tank in the evening and put a bacto-surge in the tank I usually have a cleared tank by the morning. I rinse them weekly with an adapted hose in my washtub. I rinse them with cool water until they run clean and I see no more dark material. I put them back together and pop them right back in the tank. I have some of the cleanest tanks and happiest fish I've every had since I started in the fish hobby. Thank you Hikari for this amazing product.

Bonus - they usually include a sample of their awesome food with purchase. What I do is buy multiple filters at a time and empty the food into a separate container. You would be surprised at how long these samples last. And, the fish love it because it's Hikari.

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