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Python Water Changer

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I've been in the tropical fish hobby for 20+ years and the thing that is probably the least fun is doing water changes. It's a necessary part of tank maintenance but it was always a difficult and somewhat gross thing that I hated doing. The amount of times I got dirty, yucky tank water in my mouth when starting the syphon is way too many to count. Not to mention picking up heavy buckets of water and dumping them in the sink. That not only made a mess on the floor, it also hurt my back.

Friends in the hobby told me about the Python Water Changer and one showed me how it worked, in person. I was very impressed and decided to buy one. It literally has changed my life! I would not be able to have my 780 gallon Stingray pond if I didn't have this. They come in a variety of sizes too. Another great thing about them is that you can buy replacement parts as needed rather than replacing the entire thing, which I think is great.

I highly recommend purchasing one of these, it will make water changes so much easier and less time consuming for you.

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